Honor students doing great things


I would like to recognize the Pioneer Middle School Junior Honor Society. Living by the park comes with many pleasures, but a huge downside is the many leaves that fall this time of year.

We certainly try to keep up with them but until everything has fallen it’s nearly impossible. As we were relaxing on Monday there was a knock on the door. A very nice young woman by the name of Anna Moore explained that she and her friends were part of the PMSJHS and wondered if they could rake leaves as part of their volunteer hours.

Sure, I told them. The group went at it with big smiles and did a great job and off the students went down the street. We often focus on the negative of youths in our community and I just want to say it is nice to see the great things they do too. I appreciate PMSJHS for the service the students are doing in your own community.

Sue Clark

Walla Walla


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