Small communities make this country great


Just two days before Veterans Day I flew back from the Washington, D.C., area where parades and celebrations are larger-than-life events full of pomp and ceremony. A huge military celebration of any type is a sight to behold and as an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran these events make me stand a little taller.

On Monday, I decided to attend the Veterans Day Parade in College Place. It was a tiny parade by any standard, with about three cars carrying honorable veterans of wars past.

In attendance were just a scattering of people. My eyes caught some of those people: About three adults and about seven or eight children ages 2 to 8. Some of those kids were waving not one, but two flags, one in each hand, and shouting “thank you for your service” to the few veteran-carrying cars.

I couldn’t keep my eyes from watering as I thought that this is why I serve. The small communities are what make this country great.

I thank those children for the wonderful feeling they gave me! Between them and College Place, the festivity was genuinely Americana!

Carmen Nicely

Walla Walla


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