Let's hope facts, logic triumph


Tuesday’s front page story about ethanol reminded me of the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true ...”

The damage ethanol does, especially to small gas engines, is well-documented. According to Tuesday’s article, the environment is also being damaged, including land, habitat, water quality and the atmosphere due to the increased production of corn and ethanol.

It’s amazing with all the factual evidence of the damage done — potential and documented — the administration continues to support and promote ethanol — even recently promoting increasing the levels used in our fuel. Logic dictates that since many of the original claims/predictions have not been upheld, current policies should be changed. It seems as though some do not wish to be confused with facts.

With luck, facts will win out and logic will prevail before irreparable damage is done.

Jim Davison



tpeacock 2 years ago

With all the glaring proof how damaging studs are, too many still continue to use them. It's a never ending display of blind ignorance, seems to be the current tide of life.


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