Local tai chi teacher earns designation as master trainer


Sandi Wicher of Harmony & Health has completed another Master Trainers course with Dr. Paul Lam and the Tai Chi for Health Institute.

The course will authorize Wicher to train and certify new instructors in the Tai Chi for Diabetes course.

Developed by Lam and a team of medical experts, the purpose is to provide safe and effective beginning level exercise for those with diabetes. Wicher has taught Tai Chi for Diabetes at Many Waters Wellness Center for eight years.

Next spring she plans to offer a class catered to those with diabetes. The class will run three days a week. Two of those will be devoted to light exercise of Tai Chi for Diabetes. The third will focus on nutrition and healthy dietary changes to empower people to improve their health and wellness. For more details email sandiharmonyandhealth@gmail.com .


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