Agenda - Walla Walla Council - 11/20/13


When: Wednesday, 7 p.m.

Where: 15 N. Third Ave.

Police and Fire Bonds: Set property tax levy rate for 2014 payment of voter-approved bonds. Taxes to be collected in 2014 will amount to $858,638 for the police station bond, an increase of $7,521 over 2013, and $343,475 for the fire station bond, a decrease of $11,877 from 2013.

Police Vehicle Purchases: Approve purchase of five Ford Police Interceptor AWD utility vehicles for a total of $271,917.85, or $54,383.57 each from Columbia Ford of Longview, Wash. To be paid primarily by designated vehicle replacement funds, with an additional $87,000 from the police budget.

Sudbury Landfill: Reject all bids for rental of green waste grinder because of mistakes in bidder application.

Ambulance Purchase: Approve purchase of new ambulance cab and chassis from Braun Northwest of Chehalis, Wash., with cost to includi reuse and mounting of existing medic module to the chassis. To be paid for by designated ambulance replacement funds.

Property Tax Levy: Options noted by staff for the setting the 2014 tax rate include keeping the total tax funds to be collected at the 2013 amount of $5,047,548; adding $36,853 for new construction; adding $50,475 or the allowable 1 percent increase; and adding an additional banked levy capacity of $166,201. Every $100,000 increase in the overall property tax fund equates roughly a $5 increase in property taxes for the owner of a $100,000 home.


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