Excellent schools good for property values


I raised my children in a small city near downtown Los Angeles where the first thing prospective residents, including my husband and me, looked at were school testing scores and school facilities.

This city’s residents knew that No. 1 we wanted our children to have top-notch educations. We had the best teachers because they felt safe, had children who valued education and had parents who did what was necessary to attract and retain good teachers.

When the Internet came in, I worked with other parents to string Internet cable for the schools, library and City Hall. We knew that if we wanted to keep our property values up, we needed to keep our residences, our city and especially the schools well maintained.

I don’t understand Walla Walla’s shortsightedness.

To delay making necessary Walla Walla High School improvements will only be more expensive in the future. Furthermore if this city wants to attract Key Technology-type businesses, Whitman College-quality professors and high-caliber teachers, it needs to have excellent schools with up-to-date facilities. Who wants to teach in a drafty school with subpar chemistry labs? Sounds like we prefer to compete with Third World countries.

Invest now!

Carlan Bradshaw

Walla Walla


fatherof5 1 year, 8 months ago

Viewing it as an investment is spot on. Our kids are certainly worth it, in and of themselves, but investing in high-quality schools also benefits the whole community in numerous other ways, as this letter points out.

Hopefully, the next bond will find enough common ground that we all can support it, even if it is smaller than some of us would like and larger than others would like. There is a special kind of energy when you live in a community that overwhelmingly supports its schools.


rider 1 year, 8 months ago

If WW was a boom town, then it's true that schools would be important to prospective residents. But we don't have a boom town. There are very few commercial and manufacturing firms located here that would draw potential home buyers. Because of this, we run into budget issues year after year due to a flat line of property taxes. If there was a county focus on economic development that created jobs, it would go a long ways to addressing the needs of the community. Jobs will bring people to WW, not a remodeled high school.


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