Deputies search for Dayton vehicle prowler


DAYTON — Columbia County Sheriff’s deputies are still investigating a rash of vehicle prowls that spiked late last week after roughly 10 vehicles were broken into during a junior high basketball game.

According to Dian Ver Valen, spokeswoman for the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, the number of total prowls since November first is 22.

About 17 of those were committed in the past week.

Ver Valen also noted there was one vehicle theft reported in the last week. The car was stolen, then abandoned only a few blocks away, she said.

Ver Valen said the Sheriff’s Office is urging people to lock their vehicles.

“These have all been in the city of Dayton,” Ver Valen said of the prowls. “These have all been unlocked vehicles.”

Ver Valen also urged anyone witnessing suspicious activity to call the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

“Five minutes is too late,” she said.


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