Grants pave the way for rest of Rose Street redo


WALLA WALLA — The rest of Rose Street will be repaved next year, with about a third of the $2.2 million project paid for by state funds.

The remainder will be paid from city utility funds.

Officials announced this week they will receive $696,000 in state funding from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board.

The funding covers just over 31 percent of the project that will stretch from 13th to Second avenues and from Palouse Street to where Isaacs Avenue begins.

“It is the number one street that people wanted to see addressed and we are finishing it up next year,” project engineer Monte Puymon said.

Funding for the remaining $1.5 million will come primarily from water, sewer and stormwater utility funds. Because most of the project will require 4-foot-wide trenches cut into streets to replace either failing water or sewer lines, city crews will repave the entire width of Rose Street after infrastructure work is completed.

The project will take 18 weeks and start in June. The plan, so far, is to keep the lane configure as is with no additional bike lanes.

This year’s Rose Street project sparked controversy when plans were announced that the City was going to reduce the number of lanes from four to three and add bike lanes.

Local merchants and residents protested and petitioned against the new configuration. The City Council then switched the configuration back to four lanes and no bike lane.

That move spurred further protests from cycling enthusiasts, who also petitioned City Council this fall but to no avail.

“As far as bike lanes go, we take direction from our City Council. So if they tell us that is the direction we want to go then we will,” Puymon said.

The project will include some minor configuration changes for turn lanes at intersections, Puymon added. And there are no plans to add bulb-out curb extensions, which are protruding sidewalk corners designed to slow down traffic and create a buffer zone between vehicles and pedestrians.

The $696,000 in funds were applied for in two separate grants that derive from state sale tax funds distributed by the Transportation Improvement Board.

The first grant was $525,000 from the Arterial Preservation Program. It will fund road, water, sewer, stormwater systems and Americans with Disabilities Act improvements.

The second grant was $171,000 from the Urban Sidewalk Program. It will fund the addition of sidewalks from Jade Street to Blue Mountain Mall and from 12th Avenue to Ninth Avenue.

The grants were applied for by the city’s Transportation Benefit District.

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snosworthy 1 year, 4 months ago

Does anyone know when College Place will fix the other end of Rose? I thought it was supposed to happen last summer too. Filling in the potholes does not qualify for what I thought was a major project...CARS or some such.


barracuda 1 year, 4 months ago

Cp has it slated to start in the spring. They say the delay is due to the engineering work that needed to be done. It is to be done in several stages.


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