Highland Road has become Pothole Road


I really appreciated the letters about the terrible pothole-filled Highland Road.

In the past Doris Wood had those living in the Highland Road area sign a petition, but we obviously are not being heard.

The money spent on “No Pothole” signs could have at least helped to fix our street. The city fills 10 potholes once in a while but 20 or more appear and it’s getting worse. Fixing the road should only require resurfacing less than 3/10th of a mile.

The city indicates that section needs rebuilding at a cost of $850,000 to $900,000. This seems ridiculous.

How about just oiling and graveling it? That would certainly seem to be a good solution now.

As Doris’ letter said we pay our rent (taxes) and for that we get a rough ride. You try to miss one pothole and end up hitting another. If the city ever tries again to annex the area south of town don’t let them do it because they can’t take care of the roads they have.

Turn off Plaza Way, go west on the Pothole Road (Highland) which is in the city, then you go into the county that has very nice roads.

We had company from Seattle area recently and I was embarrassed about where I lived. They were a little shocked by Highland.

I have lived in this neighborhood 18 years and the city has never fixed Highland and I don’t know what we can do. Maybe we need to get a work crew and fix it ourselves?

I want to live in the county where the nice roads are. Check out Highland Road if you want to see what a really bad road looks like.

Virginia Henry

Walla Walla


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