Motorist arrested after man struck in parking lot


WALLA WALLA — Police arrested Lacey R. Hender, 26, after she reportedly struck a man with her car in the Shopko parking lot on Monday.

According to Walla Walla police Sgt. Matt Wood, Hender reportedly was attempting to elude a 28-year-old Shopko employee who was trying to detain her for shoplifting.

Hender allegedly had stolen two pairs of pants and a sweatshirt, which police later found in her car.

Wood said Hender drove into the Shopko employee, who was standing in front of her car, then fled the area. Wood said no injuries were reported.

Police arrested Hender near Blue Ridge Elementary School with the aid of Johnathan M. Wainwright Memorial Veterans Affairs police.


bcovey 2 years, 1 month ago

I can hear the liberals now, its the rebublicans fault that she stole from shopko, they shut down the govt, she lost her welfare and she did "for the children"


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