GOP attempting to circumvent legal procedures


Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted not to fund the federal budget: Nine million women and children will lose WIC benefits that help provide basic nutrition to low-income mothers and their babies.

One would expect McMorris Rodgers, the mother of two with another on the way, to be more empathetic.

Of course, she, like all members of Congress, will continue to draw a full salary and be easily able to meet the needs of her family. But as a representative of the 5th Congressional District and the United States in general, is it not also her responsibility and moral obligation to advocate for the needs of her constituents?

Veterans’ applications for earned benefits are not being processed. Funding for Meals on Wheels is being slashed. Federal employees who protect our nation’s Capitol, who staff national parks, who provide disaster relief, are all going unpaid.

How can they pay their rent and feed their families? Few have enough savings to meet basic needs for long without their salaries.

If Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they should do so legally by passing legislation to that effect. If they do not have the support to do so, the law stands. Otherwise any minority faction could override any law legally passed by Congress, our elected representatives, by simply threatening not to fund the government.

This attempt to circumvent legal procedures is surely not what our Founders intended.

Beth Call

Walla Walla


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