Article on assault charge leaves questions


After reading the articles about the young father, Alan Hackney, who has been charged with second-degree assault of a child, several questions come to mind.

  1. What were the child’s “other injuries?” Nothing is said about other injuries just the fractured skull and what was the extent of the skull fracture, hairline fracture or more extensive?

  2. The article said the child “has made a full recovery.” So just how extensive were her injuries?

  3. Was the father the only one present at the time or were there others in the home when the child was dropped?

  4. Is it known for a fact that the child was grabbed by the throat as the article points out? Is there documentation in the medical file that substantiates this?

This reader comes from a medical background and what is taught is that if it wasn’t documented it didn’t happen and you cannot go by what you “believe” to have happened but by what is documented in the child’s chart by trained medical professionals.

The articles that this reader read brings about more questions than answers.

Carol Blair

Newton, Kan.


klamunyon 1 year, 7 months ago

Im very disgusted of the lies and non facts that officer goodwater and the prosecuting attorney were allowed to flow out of their mouths in the paper and in the court room. If you do not know the facts of this case then you should not be able to comment on it, dont just make up lies because you believe that will help you get higher up in the food chain. Look in your own closet Mr. Goodwater and at your skeletons before you try to put a innocent man in prison. Accidents happen and we would be liars if we said we have never had any with our own children. Look at the facts and the Doctors reports before you comment to the papers and throw up lies out of your mouth Mrs. prosecutor. You are the worst type of justice i have ever seen. Your closing argument was a joke! No proof to anything you said...more throw up. You disgust me and so do you Mr. Goodwater. Karma is real and i feel for you who have it coming back ten fold.


klamunyon 1 year, 7 months ago

My last comment may have seemed offensive or attacking but believe me its because people were allowed to voice their beliefs instead of the actual facts in this case. In no statement or interview did Mr. Hackney admit guilt of intentionally hurting his child. For people such as the police department and the prosecuting attorney to be able to say they believe this is what happen when many Doctors that evaluated the child say this is not how it the child was hurt. If the Doctors that specialize in this field are saying it was a accidental drop then how can others say it was intentional when they are not in the field of medicine? Their are to many people lying and trying to make a name for themselves instead of searching for the truth because believe me when i say their is plenty of real evidence that states this was a accident. I pray that people will open their eyes and try to see this is a horrible injustice.


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