No reason Walla Walla shouldn’t have gun range


Walla Walla needs a place to shoot, a proper gun range, for rifles and hand guns. Part of the reason I moved to Walla Walla five years ago was to escape the anti-gun sentiment down south in California.

Yet, as crazy as this sounds, I left behind far better shooting facilities in San Jose than are available in Walla Walla.

Come on Walla Walla, we can do better than this!

The Walla Walla Gun Club has proposed building a range at the Sudbury Road Landfill, which would meet local needs and also attract shooting sports visitors to our town.

Why hasn’t this proposal been acted upon? What’s not to like about filling this gap in our local recreation facilities?

The City Council should work with the Gun Club to create this new facility.

Russel Brooks

Walla Walla


Igor 6 months ago

Could not agree more!


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