Walla Walla gun range would help with training


Bob Bloch recently wrote in the “Shooter’s Corner” column in the U-B’s Diversions section about the need for a rifle, muzzleloader, archery shooting range near Walla Walla.

I have been a member of the Waitsburg Gun Club for about 40 years. Before my sons were grown, the whole family enjoyed shooting at the range.

I still travel the 44-mile round trip to sight in my rifles and shoot pistols two or three times a year. My wife joins me when she wants to shoot her pistol.

If, as Bob suggests, an arrangement could be made with the city to use the Sudbury Road Landfill area, it would save me 75 miles to 120 miles less travel per year at diesel costs of over $4 per gallon.

Like Bob says, shooting is a widely enjoyed public sport.

If you followed the gun control debates, you know there are over 300 million guns owned by the public. That is almost one per American.

You also know that people use guns to kill people. The best way to prevent accidents is to train people to use guns safely.

The best way to prevent crimes is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally impaired people. Total gun control is not the answer. It would take guns out of the hands of the law-abiding citizens while criminals would still have them.

As a boy, we had a shooting range at our high school. We had hunter (shooter) education in school. We had comic books, movies and TV programs that can’t hold a candle to the violence and mayhem children are exposed to every day now.

I believe it is what is going into the heads of these mass murderers that makes them killers.

I don’t own any assault weapons and I don’t see the need for them for hunting. I have been a reloader since I was a boy. Even though I save money on ammunition, I can’t afford to shoot up the hundreds of rounds automatic weapons can go through.

My bolt-action rifles and my six-shooters burn ammunition fast enough. If someone breaks into my house, I can make them plenty unhappy without an Uzi, a Protecta Street Sweeper or a 17-shot Glock.

I only have the guns I need for hunting and self-protection. I completely support Bob’s call for a shooting range near Walla Walla.

John McKern

Walla Walla


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