Your donations to United Way of Walla Walla support community

United Way of Walla Walla County hopes to raise $500,000 to support 16 local organizations that help people right here. Please donate generously.


Donating to United Way of Walla Walla County is an easy and efficient way for neighbors to help neighbors.

Donations to the local United Way are used to support local agencies that help local people. The local United Way’s administrative costs are low, about half of the average for charities, and 99 cents of every dollar donated stays in this community.

United Way of Walla Walla County is run with an army of local volunteers, people in the community who care about others.

This year’s United Way annual campaign — chaired by Walla Walla Schools Superintendent Mick Miller and his wife, Shannon — has an ambitious goal of raising $500,000.

Recent goals have been over $400,000 and they have been met (or come very close). Folks in the Walla Walla Valley have been generous in the midst of the Great Recession, opening their wallets and hearts to provide help to those who needed it more then than ever.

United Way supports 16 different local agencies and organizations. A few of those agencies are the American Red Cross, YMCA, YWCA, Helpline, Salvation Army, Blue Mountain Action Council and Friends of Children of Walla Walla.

United Way Executive Director Christy Druffel said the higher goal was put in place in the hope of providing a little more help to the local organizations that benefit. About $70,000 of recent donations has been put into a three-year “community impact” grant to hire a mental health professional at Family Medical Center, which left less on the table for other agencies.

United Way of Walla Walla sees public accountability as a priority, Druffel said.

“That means our donors trust us and we feel it’s necessary to make sure every dollar is spent wisely and has visible outcome,” she said.

Donating to United Way is a donation to the entire community. Please donate generously to your United Way of Walla Walla County.

Publisher Rob Blethen is a United Way Board member and YMCA Board member, and Rick Eskil is a Friends of Children of Walla Walla Board member.


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