Sweets roll past Grunge City squad


WALLA WALLA — The Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls trounced the visiting Ladies of SaintAnne squad from the Grunge City Rollers league in Lynnwood, Wash., 242-64, at the Walla Walla YMCA Saturday night.

Sweets jammer Eliza “Nerdy Bird” Van De Rostyne had Walla Walla’s best run of the night, scoring 18 straight points in the 11th jam of the second half.

“The team really played well together,” Sweets coach Kate “Moonshine” Moon said of the victory. “Our defense was consistent the entire game. They took advantage of our power play situations where our jammers could put a lot of points on the board.”

The Sweets led the bout 127-27 at halftime.

“We didn’t have many penalties, so we did get to put out a full rotation most jams,” Moon said. “Our defense is unstoppable when all four defenders are on the floor. Nik Yo Face (Nikki Williams) and Hawaii TKO (Elaine Jomwe) were solid on defense and really made the other team’s jammer work to get through the pack.”

Walla Walla jammer Vicki “Lois Slay’n” Hillhouse led the Sweets with 72 points, followed by Van De Rostyne’s 69, Raquel “Roc N Decker” Stapleton’s 58, and Desiree “Lez Be Honest” Barcroft’s 35 points.

“Our jammers were exceptional on Saturday,” Moon said. “Each one performed every time she was on the floor. They had the endurance, footwork and strength they needed to get ahead of the other team’s jammer.

“Nerdy Bird and Lois Slay’n were unstoppable as jammers.”

The Sweets earned lead jammer status in 35 of the 49 jams in the bout.

“This was a fun team to play against,” Moon said. “Each team had a lot of heart. It was a good way to end the season.”


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