Just let God lean over your life


"I will be his mouth (Aaron) and your mouth, and I will teach you what you are to do.” Exodus 4:15

OK, call me thick-headed, but I never quite caught what Moses was saying in this verse. As I imagine all of the supernatural events that took place in Moses’ life, I am amazed. But what is more amazing is how Moses accomplished God’s tasks, and how we can, too.

This verse gives us amazing clarity that we should all take to heart. The odds were stacked against Moses.

He was an outsider with his own people.

He had wanted posters posted throughout Egypt.

He was intimidated with PR work.

He had a wife and family to think about.

A bazillion people’s lives would be turned upside down.

Rejection, doubt, letdowns and the wrestling of faith and fear weighed on him daily.

Sound familiar to anyone else out there?

How did he pull it off?

I don’t know when it happened. Was it early in the morning while the air was still cool and the tinges of hope rose over the sands of Egypt? Was it late in the evening when the success or failure of the day was fresh on his mind? Or was it in the midst of the it all? Whenever it was, God sat down with Moses, opened up the book of His divine plan and began to teach him what to do.

God taught Moses.

Did you catch that? Because I didn’t.

I don’t know what comes to mind when you think of a teacher. My amazing wife home-schools our kids. This isn’t long distance learning. This isn’t teaching from afar. This is leaning over their shoulder pointing, explaining, imparting wisdom. This is clarification and encouragement. This is pointing out error and opening up truth. This is high-fives and tears. This is teaching, and it is intimate.

Let me ask you as I ask myself, “Did we catch this?” God taught Moses what he needed to do, know and understand. God was leaning over Moses’ shoulder correcting, directing, encouraging, and opening up truth. There must have been high-fives and tears. There must have been ah-ha moments, and moments when Moses said, “I quit.”

Did they both take a 10-minute break from each other? We know that, in the end, the Red Sea was parted and God’s plan begin to unfold.

Has God called you to greatness? Has He asked you to do things beyond your ability? Has he given you prophetic words that require supernatural breakthrough? Do you face stubborn Pharaohs, or a doubting community?

Don’t be a stubborn student and don’t give up on God’s call for your life. Let God lean over your life. Open up your eyes and ears to listen to the voice of God and let him teach you what you are to do.

Maybe it will be in the dawn of the day, or maybe it will be after the whirlwind of the day settles, or maybe it will be in the moment. No matter the time, pray and surrender your fears, inadequacies and worries to the most amazing teacher one could ever hope for.

Let God lean over your life.

The Rev. Tim Johnson is pastor of New Joy Foursquare Church, 3 S. Colville in Walla Walla. To contact him, call 509-525-0733, for more information, go to www.newjoychurch.org or @newjoytweet. Pastors in the U-B circulation area who want to write a column should contact Catherine Hicks at 509-526-8312, or by e-mail at catherinehicks@wwub.com.


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