Allen Pomraning clear choice for Walla Walla City Council


Allen Pomraning has prepared himself incredibly well to serve on the Walla Walla City Council.

Incumbent Council member Conrado V. Cavazos Jr. has not been doing the job he was elected to do. He should not be re-elected.

Cavazos, who is finishing his first term, has a dismal attendance record at twice-monthly regular Council meetings, special meetings and work sessions.

Since the first day of 2012, which is nearly 22 months ago, Cavazos has attended only 69 percent of the meetings (58 of 84).

And this is not a new problem. In May, Cavazos had already missed 31 percent of the meetings (21 of the 67) since Jan 1, 2012.

At that time, we wrote in this column that if Cavazos cannot consistently attend the meetings necessary for the position, he should not seek re-election.

Conversely, the other candidate for Position 3 leaves no doubt he is committed to serving on the City Council.

Pomraning, retired from a long career at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, said he wants to give back to a community that has given much to him over his life.

Pomraning, who worked as an engineer and project manager, has spent the past year preparing to serve on the Council. He has attended all but one Council meeting in the past year (he missed that one when he was on vacation), has had one-on-one meetings with all but one of the current Council members and has met with, or plans to meet with, department managers at City Hall.

Pomraning is an outstanding candidate. The voters are fortunate he has stepped forward to challenge Cavazos.

Pomraning has extensive knowledge about engineering and the Mill Creek channel that runs through and under the city.

He has gotten himself up to speed on many other areas of city government, although he says he needs to do more work to understand the social service aspects of city government.

His breadth and depth of knowledge about city government and the status of city business is impressive, especially for a challenger.

We urge votes to elect Allen Pomraning to the Walla Walla City Council, Position 3.

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adpomraning 1 year, 9 months ago

Union Bulletin Editorial Board; Thank you for the positive editorial endorsement. I look forward to serving on the Walla Walla City council for the next four years. I will bring thoughtful balance and collaborative skills to the City Council. We all appreciate the public service of the Union Bulletin newspaper stories. . Allen Pomraning Candidate for Walla Walla City Council



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