Planning, imagination can cook up healthy diet


Compassion filled my heart as I read the article by Sheila Hagar in the Union-Bulletin regarding the termination of the food stamp stimulus program.

I am sad for people who are affected by this change — not because of the reduction in dollars allowed by the program to feed a family of four — but because so many people do not realize the value of their dollar when grocery shopping and preparing meals.

I noticed articles in the U-B a few months ago about trying to live on the food stamp allotment. I felt challenged to make a food list for myself.

My “grocery list” was quite generous and included several staple items thatcould carry over to another week. The outcome would have been even better by multiplying that list by two, three or four depending on the family size, because many items such as seasonings, flour, oil, etc., would become ingredients for many more meals.

Strange as it may seem, the best nutrition is not necessarily the most expensive. There are so many colorful delicious fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, etc. — “plant foods” — that if used wisely for the major part of the diet, could nutritiously feed a family of four at much less than the $632 per month allotment.

I strongly believe that wise planning, sanitary handling of foods and careful and imaginative use of leftovers can leave a family bountifully nourished and happily fed on this amount or less. I challenge someone to give it a try.

Evelyn Visger

College Place


namvet60 1 year, 10 months ago

Very good letter young lady. If one was to look in the garbage can of these complainers and check to see the amount of leftovers that was in there instead of being eaten these people wouldn't have as big a problem living on a limited income. I have always stated that any leftover is better the second day and it sure makes groceries go a lot farther. Tone the taste buds down and food tastes a lot better.


tpeacock 1 year, 10 months ago

Such a simple solution, why aren't you in a government oversight position? We need to have a garbage can inspection force and that alone should get a handle on these deadbeats! While I am well aware of some taking advantage of food stamps, the majority of them are folks who truly need the assistance. To lump them all together is just one more example of having no real clue to reality.


namvet60 1 year, 10 months ago

Have you ever thought of trying to debate the issue at hand? I did not lump anybody together other than to agree with the letter writer about living on X-amount of dollars a month with a budget. If there are so many of these people in dire need why would they have their EBT cards for sale on Craigslist? It is also hard to debate an issue when some take an analogy thinking that it is reality?


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