Blame falls to Democrats


Blame falls to Democrats

If more people paid attention to the Constitution, it’d be obvious to them that our president is ignoring it! Unfortunately, there are those who won’t abandon their misplaced loyalty to Barack Obama, no matter how much evidence there is that Obama knows nothing, or cares nothing about the qualities of true leadership.

Every American should be appalled by the lies that are coming out of Washington, D.C.! Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who also suffer from leadership deficiencies, are two of Obama’s staunchest allies. Like their hero, they use bogus accusations and name calling to try to make themselves look like the champions of the American people.

Obama is still whining that everything that’s gone wrong since he took over the White house is George Bush’s fault. Obama and his Democrat cohorts insist the government shutdown is the fault of the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Oh my, the blame game has gone into extra innings!

Every day, all we hear is that the Republicans are holding America hostage by refusing to do what’s necessary to provide money for all the government’s activities. According to polls, many Americans believe this. But, we all know that polls can be manipulated.

According to the Constitution’s provision for division of powers, the Republicans in the House have done exactly what they have the right, and the obligation, to do. They’ve consistently voted to provide money for all the government’s needs. The only thing they refuse to fund is Obamacare because they know there’s just too much about it that isn’t good.

Well, Obama, Reid and Pelosi are having a fit. How dare anyone criticize Obama’s wonderful health care agenda!

So, Reid has led the charge to make sure Republicans are smacked down. The Democrat-controlled Senate refuses to accept the Republican budget proposals, unless Obamacare is funded.

It should be obvious that Obama and his pals aren’t interested in doing the will of the people. They’re more interested in posturing and grandstanding. They don’t want to negotiate. They want to show who’s boss.

If Barack Obama and the Democrats insist on whining about the government shutdown, I suggest they all sit down so the blame can be put where it belongs ... in their laps!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla


tpeacock 1 year, 10 months ago

I would have guessed on who would be in her fan list. Once again, Roberta opines on the same worn out tirade she has laid down for us the past 5 years. All Presidents and politicians lie to us, but which liar's lies cost 4000+ young soldiers deaths in the past 10 years? Oh, that's right, we can't blame ANYTHING on little Georgie the Great, besides it's all Obama's fault anyway, right? Lying to America is not nor ever will be an exclusivity of any one party, it's a shared event and the sooner you left/right leaning folks come to that realization, the better crafted your arguments may be! Trying to convince anyone you have all the answers or are somehow more attuned to History, the Constitution, or anything politically involved due to party affiliation is nothing more than a waste of everyone's time and energies.


namvet60 1 year, 10 months ago

I didn't realize Roberta had a fan list but I enjoyed the letter if you don't mind. Speaking of a waste of time and energies re-read your post if you care to. Then after you've wasted that much time fast forward to almost 5 years later to 2013 and then consider the opinions on these pages.


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