Government is sticking it to the people


We seem to have developed a new/old way of interpreting the idea of law in this country.

During the early days of school integration some in what was once the Confederacy tried to illegally thwart federal law.

Today some of those and other red states object to anything with the name Obama attached to it and therefore conspire to deny the poor of their state health care.

In Washington state the people overwhelmingly decided that we should be able to buy cannabis (marijuana) in stores instead of from criminals but city and county officials of Walla Walla seem to have decided they are above the law and apparently want to refuse to write the required regulations to implement it locally.

Like a government that dictates what kind of art is acceptable on a store front, this is not government of the people and for the peoplebut a government sticking it to the people.

David Higgins

Walla Walla


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