It is Obamacare that will damage the economy


Whitman College President George Bridges, in his letter to the editor on Oct. 10, stated that funding Obamacare for millions of Americans who didn’t have insurance is the ethical, humane and financially prudent thing to do.

In regard to “ethical,” I would ask Mr. Bridges whether President Obama’s granting of special exemption to his friends and supporters such as exempting many of the types of restaurants in Nancy Pelosi’s district from the dictates of Obamacare, granting himself and Congress subsidies to offset their requirement to purchase Obamacare or granting big business a year’s exemption but refusing to grant that same exemption to individuals is fair and ethical?

Further is it fair to require young adults to purchase Obamacare insurance that they neither want nor need just to help pay for those who need it?

Is it fair that Obamacare doesn’t require the employer to insure spouses or children, thus resulting in the spouse having to buy separate insurance through the exchanges, which will add to their family expense.

In regard to Mr. Bridge’s claim that Obamacare is “financially prudent,” the cost of the software alone cost $600 million (original estimate $80 million). The cost to implement Obamacare is estimated now to be over $1.5 trillion. The cost for insurance premiums seem to be substantially higher and the deductibles greater than individuals now pay.

Further, taxpayers are being hit with some 20 new taxes, some of which have nothing to do with health care, such as tax on the sale of one’s house, all resulting in the biggest tax increase ever. For what? To reduce health costs and cost of premiums?

That’s not happening.

Presently we are short of doctors and Obamacare does not address this issue, it exacerbates it.

It places more restriction, obligations and regulation upon the doctor, at the same time it reduces doctor fees.

If this act was drafted from the Massachusetts Health Plan, we can expect to wait at least 55 days to see a doctor — if we can even find one.

Is it any wonder that even Obama’s big supporters, such as Warren Buffett, told Obama to scrap his health plan and start over, or why the largest labor union requested an exemption stating that Obamacare is a job killing and a killer of the 40-hour workweek.

No, the “irreversible damage to our nation’s economy” is not closing 17 percent of our government (nonessential workers), but rather the full implementation of Obamacare that will add trillions of dollars to our debt and destroy the best health care system in the world.

Jerry Votendahl

Walla Walla


Igor 2 years, 1 month ago

Great letter Judge! Socialism has never worked anywhere it's been tried. After the Berlin Wall came down my friends on the left used to say "I could have worked but they just didn't do it right." Then they'd point to Sweden. Well, guess what? Sweden has taken a turn to the right and things have been improving in that country by leaps and bounds. Right now we're going the way of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, et al. Wonder if the IMF will give us a bailout when we can no longer afford to borrow from China and others to keep our socialist circus running? Anyway, ObamaCare can't work and won't work. No younster in his right mind is going to shell out 3 grand a year for a product he doesn't want or need.


Iopine 2 years, 1 month ago

Here we go - $17 Trillion and ticking away with Obamacare kicking it up another 3 Trillion we will be looking like a 4th World Country and still heading down hill. Way to go Pres, your kids will be taken care of (with your ill gotten gains) but the rest of the country will suffer severely!


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