Our leaders need the guts needed to face real problems


Obamacare was designed, written and approved by Congress and reviewed by the Supreme Court. So why wait for three years to start fighting in such a destructive and a shameful way to our nation?

The real subject at hand is the fiscal budget, whereupon our politicians should be striving to save our tax money. Things such as stopping our wars in tribal, religion-strife countries, giving them billions, then rebuilding their infrastructure while our bridges cave in, sewage systems decay and our own city streets are patchwork potholes.

Our education system is declining while our taxes can and do pay for foreign students who we then hire for jobs that our citizens are not educated to do.

Migrant laborers are hardworking folks. It makes me wonder what happened to the “old” days when our kids worked picking onions, strawberries, apples, wheat weeding, driving farm trucks and working in the food processing plants? That leaves a young local person the choice of going to get maimed or killed in one of our wars, become a politician or pick grapes?

Our taxes also subsidize wealthy organizations such as Harvard, national sports teams, farmers not to raise crops and churches get a piece of the pie also. But “our” Congress has helped rob us of millions upon millions of dollars for years and years with goodies they voted in and for these aforementioned organizations and so many more we know nothing about.

Young people it’s your future. Get informed, get involved — vote. Here’s hoping to see some new faces this November and hope they have the guts and strength to face the problems.

Betty Tate

Walla Walla


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