Use one of Rose Street sidewalks for bike path


As a driver who probably averages over 365 trips a year on Rose Street, I was astonished at the original plan to degrade the street to three lanes (including a center turn lane and two bicycle paths).

Later, I applauded the (often maligned) Walla Walla City Council for making the wise and sensible decision to keep it to four lanes. I felt the original plan would not only impede the flow of traffic at times, but also be dangerous.

Now, I see the Rose Street configuration is still under debate — or at least it was discussed at the recent forum of City Council candidates. I hope the previous good-sense decision — to leave the street at four lanes — is not changed.

That said, I do have sympathy and understanding for the concerns of our bicycle-riding community. I’m certainly no engineer but one thing I’ve noticed while making those many drives up and down Rose is that there are sidewalks on both sides of the street with relatively few people using them.

Why not consider converting one of them — probably the one on the tree-lined north side — to a bicycle path so those who ride bikes can use that one while pedestrians use the sidewalk across the street?

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla


barracuda 5 months, 3 weeks ago

The one on the north side is already bigger and wider than most sidewalks. It is already designed for this purpose. Two problems have been brought up on this site...

1) Bikes cannot ride two or three wide for they're major group rides.

2) It has puncture vines growing around it. (or so I hear)


tpeacock 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Well I learned as a youngster how to deal with puncture weeds, and if riders can't ride single file for a mile or two, for pity's sake, I believe the solution to that is too simple. Though I live in Spokane, I use to travel on Rose daily for years as I worked for Bur-Bee Co. When I first read what they were planning, my first thought was that, once again, architects, with absolutely NO experience with commuting on this stretch, were at it again. Like the same knuckleheads who put the traffic circles at the bottom of the 12/Myra Rd exit. These traffic redesigns, while looking nice on paper, and of course are aimed at calming traffic, are not for every street, and or location. Common sense and knowledge of traffic and areas impacted, are lacking severely these days.


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