Working to help children overcome adversity


October is Children’s Resilience month in Walla Walla!

The Children’s Resilience Initiative would like to commend the Walla Walla City Council for its recognition of the CRI through a proclamation. This action indicates an elevation of the importance of children and their physical and mental health in our Valley.

We are proud of CRI and the extraordinary work of the CRI partners over the past five years.

Among the CRI partners that have committed to moving this essential agenda forward, we recognize the following: our school districts, law enforcement agencies, health systems, businesses, service providers and involved parents.

The CRI Team has been active in creating a community conversant in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Why is this important?

Because the ACE study tells us about the patterns that have shaped us as adults in response to negative childhood experiences like neglect and abuse or alcohol, drug or mental health issues within the family.

More importantly, CRI wants to create a community conversant in the power of resilience — bouncing back from adversity — and how we can all contribute to creating resilience in our community.

It is our fervent hope that, through the efforts of the initiative and its broad based collaborative partnership, we will reduce ACEs and foster the vital quality of resilience in our children and in our adults.

We welcome your interest and support; plase visit our website ( to learn more about our work.

It is important to note that the initiative has attracted attention locally, regionally and at a national level — indeed, this work is spreading to communities in all parts of our country.

October is Children’s Resilience Month — pass it on!

Mark Brown

Walla Walla


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