Paul Mobley will enhance our way of life


There is one candidate in the current Walla Walla City Council race who knows what obstacles have been placed in the way of honest people wanting to do business in town; one candidate who has created jobs for people in this community; and one candidate who believes that a City Council position is a chance to serve his community, not an occupation.

This candidate wants to represent the people, not dictate what’s best for them. This candidate has a history as several generations of his family have been here in this Valley.

He thinks Walla Walla is a splendid little town that is enhanced by fine diversity in business and is proud to be a citizen here.

This candidate is Paul Mobley.

I hope you will stand with me and vote to have him serve us on the City Council. Doing so will not only preserve our way of life, it will enhance it.

Michael E. Gwinn

Walla Walla.


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