Halloween horror, or happy Halloween

Halloween décor, from lighthearted and whimsical to dark and foreboding

Delightful scarecrows greet patients at Wheeler Family Dental.

Delightful scarecrows greet patients at Wheeler Family Dental. Photo by Greg Lehman.


All Saints’ Eve.

All Hallows’ Eve.


Firmly embedded in religious roots, Halloween for centuries has been associated with celebrations and festivals of the dead.

Most people don’t know much about its beginnings.

And don’t really care.

After all, in this country it’s become a fun, fall excuse for donning costumes, handing out candy, attending parties, watching scary movies.

And decorating with pumpkins, fake tombstones, gauze spiderwebs and silhouettes of cutout witches.

Like at the Green Gables Inn, 922 Bonsella St., where the yard has been transformed into a panorama of which the Munster family would be envious.

Inspired by the somewhat eerie character of the 1909 bed-and-breakfast mansion, “(The display) keeps getting bigger each year,” owner Alexis Buckley said of the third-annual activity.

“We’ve been going all-out the last couple of years. It’s been a lot of fun.”

The season will culminate Thursday night when simulated weddings for corpse-like brides and grooms will take place on the lawn.

Down south, employees at Wheeler Family Dental in Milton-Freewater have taken a more whimsical approach.

Lighthearted, topsy-turvy, colorfully clad scarecrows adorn the yard at 1 S.W. Eighth Ave., part of the Milton-Freewater Chamber of Commerce Annual Scarecrow Decorating Contest.


And sometimes a beautiful scene is just the ticket, as here along the highway in Milton-Freewater.

“We’re head over heels for our patients,” a sign proclaims.

“There’s nothing scary about it,” said dental assistant Crystal Wales, who helped coordinate the entry.

“We want to make sure we appreciate our patients and include them in the fun.”

These are just two of the many businesses and residences throughout the area celebrating this week’s holiday and preparing for knocks on their doors Thursday night.

It’s their way of handing out tricks and treats.

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