If you can stand the truth, it is out there


Just the facts.

For those wondering where I get my facts, you need only to read further. The facts are out there and it is hard to edit facts when you hear and see it come from their mouths.

Example: 1998, Bill Clinton, in a speech where he tells the American public and the world that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. It’s impossible to edit those six words.

You can find many Democrats espousing the same rhetoric from 1998 to the vote for war. George W. Bush followed the Constitution and took both wars to Congress for approval. Afghanistan: Senate 98-0, House 420-1. Iraq: Senate 77-23, House 296-133. Check The Washington Post’s website for how each representative voted for or against the Iraq War.

Lie No. 2. Bush and the Clinton surpluses. Check out CNN on the recession of 2000 when the high-tech bubble burst under the Clinton administration and the surpluses were gone. Note, Bush took office in late January of 2001.

Lie No.3. The housing and banking industries collapse of the economy that Obama inherited! What caused that? The Community Reinvestment Act that Clinton signed in 1999 where the financial institutions were forced to loan money to non-qualified homebuyer.

When that imploded in 2008, the Great Recession started and Democrats blamed Bush. Facts show that the Bush administration started in 2001, going to Congress 17 times with warnings about the catastrophe that would happen.

Who blocked the legislation? The Democrats who were in charge of the Banking and Financial committees, Rep. Barney Frank, Sen. Chris Dodd and the Senate Democrats where the Republicans didn’t have the 60 votes necessary to pass the legislation to avoid the collapse. You can find the report from Fox News in 2008 outlining all this with videos of Sen. Olympia Snowe, Alan Greenspan, Sen. John McCain, etc. outlining to Congress what was needed and you can see Frank’s and the Democrats’ replies. Go online to the “proud to be Canadian” website and look up “Fox News 2008 special report on the banking crisis”.

Just saying, Obama and the Democrats, are baldfaced liars! Easily provable, if you can stand the truth!

For those who really want to take the time to do the research, the facts are out there!

Robert Jackson

Walla Walla


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