Is it time for new city and county governments?


When we go to the polls to vote it impacts our lives. The things we complain about in Washington, D.C., or Walla Walla are a direct result of the decisions we make in choosing who will represent our interests.

One has to wonder just whose interests have been represented by the government that has made the decisions that have impacted our lives here in Walla Walla.

Why was the Blue Mountain Mall development allowed to lie in ruins for years as a blight on the area businesses?

Why are there so many empty store fronts downtown while local government spends a year fining a popular and successful business for its owner’s choice of artwork?

Why are our city utility bills so high when we have found out that there has been so little maintenance done on these utilities that it will take 100 years of projects to catch up? Where did all our money go?

Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of the people who have done this to Walla Walla and get new city and county governments?

David Higgins

Walla Walla


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