Keep looking for ways to serve each other


This past weekend our church had the great privilege of serving our city by doing some cleanup work downtown. While we were doing the work, we met with many kind folks who thanked us for the work we were doing.

The real praise, however, goes to our contacts at the city Parks and Recreation Department. They were such a joy to work with, and it was clear to me that they genuinely care about the welfare of our city. They went out of their way to make our project a success, and we could not have had nearly the impact without their guidance and support. We were blessed to be able to work alongside them.

In closing I’ll simply reiterate how privileged we as a church are to play our part in keeping our city a wonderful place to live and work. I’d encourage each of us to keep looking for ways that we can serve and honor each other as fellow citizens.

Kris Harrison

associate pastor

Trinity Baptist Church

Walla Walla


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