Proliferation of GMOs must be stopped


Proliferation of GMOs must be stopped

All the stops are being pulled out by big money to air ads suggesting voting “no” on Initiative 522.

In one ad, a “back-to-the earth” looking woman says the bill is badly written and will cost people more at the grocery store.


Voting “yes” for the bill will mean that only food products made with GMOs (genetically modified organisms), foods that are best not eaten anyway, might be more expensive.

GMO-processed foods have caused havoc with human digestive systems and the tampered with seeds and products need to be labeled to help people choose healthier foods than those that are made to look better but not be better. The organic farmers of Oregon and Washington are trying to keep the invasion of GMO DNA out of their crops.

Voting “yes” for I-522 will be the triumph of sensible democracy over corporate tyranny. Even my usual political opposites and I agree on one point: Mindless proliferation of GMOs must be stopped. Please vote “yes” for I-522.

Michael Kiefel

Walla Walla


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