A toast to Congress, and pass the bacon


Congratulations to Congress!

Another financial disaster caused by them has been averted by them. And the estimated economic loss to the country is only $20 billion!

Surely this great solution was reached because of the excellent leadership provided by the administration.

But all is well because the fix will last clear into next year — Jan. 15 for funding the government and even longer (Feb. 7) until another debt ceiling crisis!

But since members of Congress seem to have insulated themselves well from having to live by the same rules and standards as those “back home,” the consequences of their actions are not necessarily of any importance.

Yes-siree — finger pointing aside — what a great job our leaders have done with our national budget.

There’s only been a little “bacon” added to nearly every piece of legislation that Congress has passed so all of us back home will know what a great job those elected to represent us in D.C. have done.

Jim Davison



Iopine 2 years, 1 month ago

I believe there has been enough PORK added to these pieces of legislation to keep the food kitchens supplied for years. Nice letter Jim.


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