We don’t want genetically engineered food


Let’s all read this article on page A2 of the Oct. 21 Union-Bulletin, “Argentines link health problems to agrochemicals,” and then we can let the genetic engineers know their glyphosphate herbicide and Roundup Ready crops are not what Washington food consumers want on their tables. Nor do we want sweeteners engineered from aborted fetal tissue or chemical manipulation of our taste senses or other unnatural ingredients.

Whether the geneticists and their supporters, food and chemical manufacturers or whoever are against this measure realize it or not, we the people have a right to know what’s in the food we eat. If people have the knowledge and will to end this great experiment, the adulteration of our foods and drinks, it will have its start in Washington state.

The big losers will always be the consumers from this perverted food. I vote for identifiable food and choice.

Larry Cooper

College Pla


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