Who planned dip in road project?


Who planned dip in road project?

I was pleased to hear that a ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned for the Rose Street preservation and paving project. Kudos to Humbert Asphalt for completing this project as initially planned, on time and saving the taxpayers’ money and the old sycamore trees.

Odd that it is, I haven’t seen any notice of the same type of ceremony for the potholes! It also came to mind that the signs regarding the repair of potholes could be in conflict with the city of Walla Walla’s policy against unpermitted signage.

As a person who is concerned about priority spending perhaps, less fanfare and more street maintenance is in order. Regardless, I no longer have to drive on the sidewalk and you did create a unique job opportunity in installing and removing the signs.

Now, who put the dip in the planning of The Dalles Military/Myra Road project?

Looks to me most truckers still might bypass the route out of embarrassment, while the site might invite additional traffic by other highway engineers to view a case in what not to design.

Rich Weaver

Milton Freewater


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