Parking notice for parade was inadequate


We moved to Walla Walla almost two years ago. We love the advantages of small-town living, especially some of the community events downtown (parades, the bicycle races etc.) that require road closures.

That said, I’m deeply disappointed in what I consider to be a poor, haphazard manner in which Walla Walla notifies motorists of road closures. Before the recent bicycle race I parked on Colville street between Poplar and Alder streets. I came out of the alley on the west side of the street and specifically looked at the 2-hour parking sign next to my vehicle.

Along the route I drove, there was only one “No Parking” sign I could have seen, and it was on the ground, taped to the base of a pole, behind another car that was parked near mine. I understand I was parked along the race route and needed to be towed, but I never would have parked there if signs had been visible.

This past weekend the same thing happened to a car on Palouse Street. The vehicle was parked along the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days Parade route and needed to be towed, and I heard someone say that there were “signs everywhere.”

The “signs” were pieces of paper that said “PARADE No Parking” with no dates or times, taped to posts, poles and trees. The only sign this motorist could have seen was taped to a fire hydrant two or three car-lengths forward, and it really wasn’t much different from a special event advertisement or a garage sale flyer.

Walla Walla often closes roads for events and it should have a regular method of posting signs. Barricades with dates and times seem pretty standard in other cities.

The community should tow cars that are illegally parked, but it needs to do a better job of notifying motorists.

Ralph Eronemo

Walla Walla


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