City of Walla Walla wasted $16,000


The city of Walla Walla spent $16,000 for advertising to tell us the pot holes need to be fixed — like we don’t know this.

It spent $16,000 to say it’s gonna fix them. Excuse me, but isn’t that their job?

It spent $16,000 on all those silly stupid fliers that are nothing but litter everywhere.

Why couldn’t that $16,000 have been spent to help the people? Where oh where could have it been spent?

And all they did was to put a Band-Aid on a gushing arterial wound.

It is $16,000 spent and wasted.

“Yah” to the City Council, City Fathers or whoever decided on this — they should be ashamed of themselves, ashamed.

What a waste of money we ain’t got.

Mary Tennant

Walla Walla


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