Power restored to most after storm


WALLA WALLA — As of midday Saturday, Pacific Power officials reported restoring power to all but about 90 of some 2,000 customers who lost power after the Thursday evening storm.

Walla Walla was reported to be the worst hit area for the power company because of the sheer number of locations where limbs and other debris knocked down power lines.

“We had lots of different scattered little outages and so now we are down to this last 150 or so, but a lot of them are just single customers,” spokesman Bob Gravely said earlier Saturday.

Pacific Power officials said they pulled resources from Hood River, Bend, Portland and Astoria, Ore., to help restore power and that mild temperatures helped lessen the problems.

“It is a much more serious situation when we have a winter storm,” Gravely added.

Thursday’s storm was short-lived but fierce, kicking off at 5:20 p.m. and pelting the area with rain and wind gusts of around 60 mph.

The most common reason for power failures was broken limbs that downed power lines, Gravely said.


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