I-522 will only drive up cost of food


Are you confused about Initiative 522?

If you aren’t the scientific type you might not understand what a genetically modified crop is. Basically it is a crop that has been altered genetically to incorporate outside traits that are beneficial to the producer and consumer.

Originally these traits were introduced so farmers could produce their crop for less cost. Future traits could be added that will benefit the consumer. How do you feel about a trait that would help reduce cholesterol or provide some other health benefit?

If you vote yes on I-522 we may never see such benefits come to fruition.

About 85 percent of the corn now planted in the US is GM corn. GM corn is the highest yielding variety and its tolerance for drought has enabled production on acres that were once to dry to produce corn.

Advocates for I-522 claim that genetically engineered crops aren’t safe. Genetically modified crops are commonly grown in the United States and we consume them daily in the food we eat.

They have been tested by government regulatory agencies and found to be safe for consumption. Probably the most notable crop is corn but GM traits are also common in soybeans and canola.

The proponents of I-522 want you to believe that it’s simply about relabeling food, but their real goal is to ban GM crops altogether. The result would end up costing us more to acquire the food we consume and deprive us from future benefits. Vote no on I-522!

Nat Webb

Walla Walla


Igor 7 months ago

You would think that the Left would be all for GM food given the fact that they're always wringing their hands over the world's starving children. But somehow the notion that GM food is unsafe has become an article of faith with the science left behind crew. Mr. Webb is 100% right. Before GM foods are allowed to be sold they are thoroughly tested by the FDA. I-522 is just more nutty, pretentious, liberal regulatory clap trap that will only make food more expensive for the poorer members of our society. If the Peoples Republic of Seattle (where all this nonsensical stuff usually originates) want to enact a local ordinance then let them. But leave the rest of us alone.


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