A local view of the Affordable Care Act


My Union-Bulletin colleague, Rachel Alexander, and I decided to make a video survey of how Walla Wallans see the Affordable Care Act. With health insurance exchanges set to go live on Oct. 1, we thought it a good idea to help understand questions and concerns.

What we found Thursday afternoon in downtown Walla Walla surprised us.

Many people expressed much confusion about just what health care reform looks like and how it will affect them. Some were despairing of ever figuring things out.

We also discovered some people have deep feelings about a perceived loss of their rights as Americans.

A few people said they had not given the Affordable care Act a second thought.

Four people we surveyed had strong, informed opinions, but declined to put their thoughts on public view.

One thing is for certain, we’re all on a learning curve about the new health care universe.

Check out our video survey below and visit our topics page on Obamacare here.


Obamacare: hopes, fears and wants in the Valley


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