For families, Walla Walla's YMCA is all fun and games

The Y offers a variety of family-focused exercise, fitness and social activities.

Stroller baby boot camp and rookie soccer provide opportunities for families to spend quality time together.

Stroller baby boot camp and rookie soccer provide opportunities for families to spend quality time together. Courtesy photo


WALLA WALLA — Looking for a place to have some fun with your family? As fall comes on, school starts and the days get shorter, it’s nice to have a family-oriented place for activities, whether they are exercise- and fitness-related or a fun, social time.

The YMCA of Walla Walla offers an assortment of family classes and activities, said Lacey Evans, YMCA communications coordinator.

The variety of activities and classes include family swim, swimming lessons, rookie sports, stroller baby boot camp, soccer and basketball.

Evans enjoys the family events as much as parents and children do. “The little kids are so cute,” she said.

This year the Y refined and streamlined its classes and events. The family movie nights have been discontinued, but plenty of other family activities are scheduled and planned.

“We want to have some more family stuff, so they can come as a unit and enjoy,” Evans said.

Fun activities include Burn the Bird, the exercise recovery for Thanksgiving overindulgence. There will also be a new program for grandparents.

In the spring, the annual Spring Round Up is a free community event for families with a lot of activities for kids.

The YMCA recently released its fall program guide, with information about its facility, classes and activities.

“We’re looking at getting more team activities, including more family programming. I see our family program growing in the next few years,” Evans said. “If the title of the class says ‘rookie’ it’s a parent/child class.”

The annual Spooktacular on Halloween is a safe and wholesome place for families to spend part of the evening. Costumed children and parents get together to have fun on Halloween in a controlled environment, not at risk out on the streets after dark. It’s scheduled so families can come to the Y after participating in the Downtown Trick or Treat.

“We are wanting to collaborate with the churches; a family wants somewhere to go that’s safe,” Evans said. The Spooktacular is free and the community is encouraged to participate.

Fun family activities are important, Evans said, “so that families have a place to go to bond. Healthy activities in a place to go to connect with each other. It seems like families at home go their own ways. These activities help you learn about each other in a new environment.

“What you gain from these experiences is that long-term connection, to learn about each other. Reconnect the bond and create memories — good, healthy memories.”

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