Minutes - Walla Walla Council - 9/25/13


Council members present were Mayor Jim Barrow, Conrado Cavazos, Barbara Clark, Jerry Cummins, Mary Lou Jenkins, Shane Laib and Chris Plucker. The Council voted as follows at Wednesday’s meeting:

EMS: Approved purchase of six new monitor/defibrillators from Zoll Medical Corp. for $192,609. Unanimous.

Mill Creek Watershed: Approved additional payment of $31,548 to Harry Johnson Plumbing and Excavating Co. Inc. for required work that went beyond scope of original dredging project. Unanimous.

Recycling: Establish rates for residents who want an second bin or who want carryout service from with property. Unanimous.

Sidewalks: Repealed city ordinance 12.16.050, which held property owners liable for claims against the city due to uneven or other sidewalk problems. Unanimous.

Fire station bond: Approved sale of $3 million in municipal bonds at a lower 2.72 percent interest rate to realize a 4.9 percent savings. Unanimous.

Lincoln Creek: Approved improvements worth $4,000-$6,000 to the Lincoln Creek pipe near Third Street to be billed to property owner. Unanimous.


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