Fish or wine — what’s most dangerous?


The Sept. 23 issue of the Union-Bulletin had a small story on page A5 titled “Oregon, Washington issue Columbia River fish warning.” Read the article if you can find it.

The article is about health officials warning people to limit consumption of the listed fish to no more than one meal per week. The types of fish are listed. The culprits are mercury and PCB contamination.

Just what is the source of these contaminates? The dams? We are left to wonder.

What exactly is the danger? Cancer is the assumption I make — but who knows?

Because they are migratory, salmon and steelhead are exempt from this poison in the river. Apparently there is not enough time for mercury or PCBs to infiltrate a fish that is just “passing through.”

Is this true, or do we want it to be true? Salmon season is open. I can’t wait to be served any fish fresh from the Columbia. Oh wait, limit consumption to not more than one meal per week. No problem

In the same issue of the U-B on page one, in very large type, the headline reads

“Wine crush starts early.”

Which issue do you think attracts more tourists to Walla Walla? The U-B seems to be making a choice about which issue is more important to the readers of the U-B.

Perhaps the new Walla Walla motto could be, “Drink more wine, eat more fish and see which one kills you first.”

Ron Hammond



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