Shooting range needed for public safety


As one who enjoys shooting and hunting, I find it distressing that Walla Walla County does not have a public shooting range.

The public needs a safe place for shooters to go that do not have access to a private range.

The Walla Walla Gun Club has offered to construct a range on a small parcel of land out at the Sudbury Landfill.

This new range would be paid for entirely by grants, private contributions, in-kind donations and will not cost the taxpayers one cent.

Public safety is the issue here.

Without a public range, shooters are always tempted to trespass and often don’t have any idea where their stray bullets might land.

Additionally, many folks have not been schooled in the proper handling and safe use of firearms, which will be provided at the range at no expense by the Gun Club.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a shooter, you should support the concept of a public range for the foregoing reasons.

Please contact our City Council members and let them know that you support a public gun and archery range at the Sudbury landfill. We owe this to our community.

Charles Phillips

Walla Walla


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