Letter - Science expectations are higher today


I am a proud graduate of Walla Walla High School who has returned home with my teenage children. I have taught in 4A high schools in three different Washington cities and was saddened at the comparison between the science facilities of those schools and Wa-Hi.

The expectations for our students are unprecedented. No longer do colleges expect just a book knowledge of science; they expect hours of hands-on lab work in at least two sciences.

It’s no longer just the “brains” who are taking many years of science. The state House and Senate recently voted to increase the required science classes from two years to three.

Losing College Place students does not take away from the fact that the 1,500 remaining students at Wa-Hi need updated, safe facilities to compete with others and with the increased time expected in science, those rooms will be unable to support the demand.

I was blessed to have experienced Bud Bowman and Bill McCorkle during my short stint in the sciences at Wa-Hi 30 years ago.

Thankfully, my children have been blessed with dedicated teachers such as Rob Ahrens, Clayton Hudiberg and Peggy Payne, who struggle mightily within the conditions to provide a world-class education.

What might my students and yours have experienced with facilities that weren’t 50 years behind?

Please join me in voting yes. The stakes are only getting higher.

Shelly Crump-Peterson

Walla Walla


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