Letter - Student seeks support for Wa-Hi bond


I am an eighth grader at Pioneer Middle School. I love to read, write and learn. I know for many of my friends, science interests them and they are really looking forward to taking science courses at Walla Walla High School.

But I’m afraid that my fellow students and I won’t get to explore science as much as other schools might. I have heard that the science classrooms smell, are tight when classes are in session and don’t have all the resources needed to complete certain experiments.

I believe science is a field that is growing and becoming more important as the years go by. We are the future adults of the world and I want to know that we have what’s needed for the future ahead.

I’m super excited to go to Wa-Hi next year and explore more career options. Help the future decision makers. Please vote yes for the Wa-Hi bond.

Lauren Bergman

Walla Walla


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