Letter - Replacing science building only viable option


I recently toured Walla Walla High School to see the facilities that will be replaced with the proposed bond issue. The facilities haven’t improved from previous bond issue requests.

Most property owners who will vote in the upcoming bond election can relate to maintaining their property, but in this election we are being asked to replace poorly maintained facilities with new. The line seems to be that “it is now 50 years old and it is time to replace it.”

Many of our houses are 50 years old or older and we maintain them to avoid having to replace them with new more expensive structures. There probably comes a time when the cost of replacing it is less than maintaining it, but I’m not sure this should be the case here.

I generally oppose using up an asset and then replacing it with “new” unless it can be justified by expansion or technological change. I would expected a similar approach from the school system.

If the School Board has a different plan, then expressing it to the voters would be appreciated. If maintenance funds are inadequate to keep facilities up then make that fact known. The voters can then decide if they want to maintain facilities or replace them when they are used up.

My thought is that the science facilities are now at the point where replacement is the only viable option. I plan to vote in favor of the upcoming school bond issue.

Nat Webb

Walla Walla


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