Letter - Vote yes for the future and the past


I am writing this letter to encourage voters in the Dayton School District to support the Campus Wide Improvement Plan. The citizens of Columbia County have a strong sense of community and a great appreciation for preserving our historic character.

This was evident back in 1910 when Dr. Marcel Pietrzcyki left provisions in his will to provide land to the Dayton School District and to provide funding toward initial construction of the high school.

The community has continually exhibited its community pride with renovations to maintain and preserve structures in Dayton. This is evident throughout our downtown buildings, including the Liberty Theatre, the Dayton Historic Depot and the Columbia County Courthouse, to name a few. Visionaries in our community have worked very hard on all of these projects. I encourage the voters in the Dayton School District to expand that vision to include the renovation/preservation project on the April ballot.

The Campus Wide Renovation Plan helps to preserve the historic building while addressing the current needs for developing the minds of the future. Please vote “yes” to preserve the past and to ensure the success of the future.

Paula Moisio



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