Letter - Vote ‘yes’ for our kids


Being on a retired income, I don’t like increases in taxes, but I do believe in helping our kids, so I will be voting “yes” on April 22 school bond.

Our kids, who are our future, deserve the benefits of a good education in the field of science as do kids in other school districts, before entering college.

Why the need to build a new science building? It allows the district to provide a learning environment that meets the specific of our high school programs. It supports the potential for an additional science graduation requirement recently approved in Olympia.

The current science building has limited space for projects that would be of great help to students when they get to college.

I question some of those who are sending letters to the editor saying to vote “no” but have not visited the Walla Walla High School in years, let alone the science building.

Please join me in voting “yes” on the bond and “yes” for the kids.

Don Locati

Walla Walla


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