Letter - Fifty years is long time without major renovation to high school


I graduated from Walla Walla High School in 1966. I was a sophomore in 1963 and we made the move to the new campus during Christmas break. It looked, and was, a state of the art architectural design and campus setting.

We were ahead of the curve, and we were all proud of the campus and the new building design.

Now after 50-plus years, we wonder why we need to upgrade our science building. I look at the changes that have taken place in my profession for communication, work sources, and media in the past 50 years and my question is answered.

We need to update the science building. We need to invest in our children, which is an investment in our community.

I have read from my other classmates who made the move in 1963-1964 and 50 years is a long time without a major renovation. We do it for our property, let’s do it for our schools.

Dennis Ledford

Owner/Coldwell Banker First Realtors

Walla Walla


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