Letter - Initiative would take excessive money out of elections


The Supreme Court has essentially said that money used in the political process is the same as speech and therefore is protected by the Constitution.

I guess some Supreme Court justices do not have access to a dictionary. When I looked up the definition of “money,” I found: “Something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, used as a way to pay for goods and services.”

I do not see any reference to the word “speech” in that definition.

Money, as defined by the dictionary, is used to buy stuff. Or according to the thinking of five Supreme Court justices, a shortcut to buying an election.

How did we get from a right to free speech for citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution to a right to use money in the political process to buy an election? It is called “Citizen’s United v. Federal Election Commission and it opened the floodgates of money that now flows from special interest groups to secret super PACs to corrupt the election process.

If you think that is a bad idea, sign I-1329, which will put the question on the November ballot in the state of Washington.

Walla Walla Washington Amend will be out and about in town helping to get this initiative on the ballot. For more information go to www.wamend.org.

Mary Lou Yocum

Walla Walla


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